Advertising with Local Green Fees

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Control your content. If your account email address matches the domain name we have on file, you can turn your regular listing into a premium listing free of charge! Add photos, specials, bulletins, and control all pricing and contact info. Stats show golfers visit verified courses more often when checking out a golf course for the first time.

Become a Favourite Course

From $80/month

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Have your golf course appear at the top of your city's listing! Your course will be displayed for the month with a maximum of two others in random order above all other listings with prominent styling. Only $80 per month.

City Ad Takeover

From $500/month

Now Available!

Take over all our ad slots for your city. This means when a golfer is looking up information on any of your competitors, they'll be seeing ads encouraging them to come to your course instead! Pricing based on expected hits per center

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